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SnapChat Decides to Partner with AMAZON to Improve Customer EXPERIENCE !

Snapchat and Amazon Fashion have teamed up to improve the AR shopping experience for users of the Californian app.

Snapchatters will have access to a brand new lens trial feature.

What does this partnership involve ?

How to access the AR shopping feature ?

Why did Snapchat and Amazon decide to join forces ?

Let’s take a look at a new partnership for the benefit of the UX.


Snapchat and Amazon are joining forces.

The American image-sharing application and the online retailer that needs no introduction have decided to set up a partnership.

For each of the protagonists, the stated objective is to improve the customer experience, particularly by giving pride of place to new technologies.

Amazon now offers Snapchat users the opportunity to digitally try on pairs of glasses on Amazon Fashion, whether they are sunglasses, seasonal glasses or reading glasses.

With the « Virtual Try-On » purchase method, more than 360 million Snapchatters will be able to access the various eyewear styles offered.

Amazon’s library of assets can be integrated with Snapchat’s « Try-On » augmented reality technology.

Note : Snap is partnering with a number of brands including Puma, Walmart, Chanel, LVMH and Disguise.


To access the Amazon AR shopping feature, Snapchat users simply go to the public profile @amazonfashion on the Snapchat app.

They can access it via:

  • the explorer ;
  • the « dress-up » tab;
  • the Snap Carousel.

If a Snapchat user finds a pair of glasses they like, they simply tap on a link at the bottom of the screen to make the purchase.

The user is then automatically redirected to the Amazon app.

It would appear that Snap does not receive any commission on the sale.


Amazon Snapchat augmented reality partnership

Amazon is not new to AR shopping.

So why choose to partner with Snapchat ?

For Amazon, the interest of the partnership is mainly to reach a younger target, more comfortable with technology.

Amazon brands will be able to better leverage their Amazon assets in augmented reality, and present their products in an engaging and fun way that will definitely improve the customer experience for the app’s users.

App users will be able to try on these products and then purchase them from the Amazon Fashion shop.

This partnership follows Snap’s interest in new technologies.

The American app has invested heavily in augmented reality (AR) shopping.

In April this year, Snap announced that retailers and brands would have access to AR image processing technology to accelerate the creation of AR shopping experiences.

The technology can turn traditional photos into AR assets.

The social network now allows brands to :

  • change prices and product information in real time;
  • Create new shopping insights;
  • access better analytics.

Brands and advertisers can easily create Snap Lenses to promote their products.

Want to test new acquisition channels ?