promote business locally

6 tips to promote your business locally !

Whether you run a small business (like this spiritual healer in Burlington) or provide services, it is in your best interest to promote your business locally.

By doing so, you will attract more prospects and multiply your chances of increasing your turnover.

But how do you go about it?

Today on « Double Trust », we give you some effective and inexpensive tips to promote your brand locally.

Use paper media

If you’re launching your business, you need to communicate en masse in your geographical area.

And for that, there’s nothing better than flyers!

It’s a very classic tool, but still effective.

Distribute these flyers en masse to reach as many people as possible.

Leave them in other local shops, but prioritise those that arouse the interest of the prospects you are targeting.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of a festive event to launch this distribution.

This way, you will be able to talk directly to your potential future customers, which will allow you to introduce yourself directly.

Flyers can also be placed in letterboxes or on car windscreens.

In any case, they should be carefully designed to catch the eye of potential customers. And to attract them to your shop, offer a purchase voucher or a welcome gift.

Another alternative offered by paper media: the business card.

More discreet, it can also be distributed en masse.

But it will not allow you to communicate on a particular event (opening, promotion, new range…)

On the other hand, it will allow prospects to keep all the contact details of your brand.

Optimising local online referencing

Several digital tools will allow you to make yourself known locally.

It is important to prioritise digital marketing as today we all carry out searches on the internet.

So it’s imperative that people find you when they type in their web query. Improving your online visibility means optimising your local SEO.

To do this, you can start by creating a Google My Business account.

This local SEO platform invites you to fill in a form with all the information about your business.

Free of charge, this form will make your business appear in the geographical search area of Internet users.

And as you will have filled in all your contact details, your activity and your opening hours, they will be able to visit your shop or contact you.

Of course, you will also have filled in your website address and links to your social networks.

local referencing

Another way to optimise your local SEO online: the website.

Its content should incorporate keywords that will allow search engines to direct targeted prospects to your pages.

And to ensure that they spend time there, it’s best to offer them interesting content, a pleasant design, an attractive layout and intuitive functionality.

In addition, your website should be accessible from all mobile devices.

And let’s not forget the backlinks!

These links are crucial in terms of local referencing.

Indeed, the more well-known and reputable websites that link to your pages, the more traffic you will generate on your site and in your premises.

The advantage is that these famous « backlinks » are often located in content, so think carefully about related content so that it makes visitors want to come and discover your business.

Contact the local press

Traditional media, such as local newspapers or radio stations, arouse the interest of the English.

Indeed, many of us are interested in local life. We appreciate being informed of various events or the opening of new businesses.

Why not take advantage of this to talk about your business?

With these media, you can run advertisements or do an interview to talk about your local business.

You can also invite the press to discover your business.

Build on a referral programme

What if you also relied on your customers to make you known?

Indeed, word-of-mouth is an excellent way to gain awareness.

By talking about their experiences or purchases, your customers can help your visibility, but also your reputation.

To turn your loyal customers into ambassadors, offer them a referral program.

If you reward those who recommend you as well as customers who have been invited to push the door of your business, you will encourage that positive word-of-mouth that is so valuable for your reputation.

Advertising on social networks

Given the success of social networks, it would be foolish to ignore these platforms.

Indeed, these offer a highly effective and inexpensive medium for advertising.

By sponsoring your posts, you can reach a much wider audience.

And thanks to the many settings available, you’ll be able to ensure that your post is delivered to a very targeted audience.

So you’ll be putting your energy into something really productive.

social networks

To interest prospects and draw them into your business, make attractive and engaging posts.

Advertising is very present on the networks, so you have to rely on originality to manage to stand out.

Make a flocking on your vehicle

Here is a very effective method to make a company known locally.

Thanks to the marking, you will turn your car into a real mobile business card.

This way, you will inform all your prospects about your business.

To attract the eyes, have a marking made that is easy and pleasant to read. Potential future customers should identify the name of your company, the nature of its activities and its contact details.

You’ll have the choice of permanent or one-off branding.

The first option is ideal for a business start-up.

Indeed, it offers that famous mobile business card that allows you to be known locally.

The second option allows you to communicate on specific events.

Paint or magnetic adhesives, think about integrating your company logo into this attractive flocking.