Scanticket Receipt Scanner puts you in control

With our busy 24/7 lives it can be easy to lose track of our spending. Without knowing where the money is going it can be difficult to keep on top of your budget.

One way to help keep in charge of your finances and feel in control is by adding the Scanticket Document Scanner app to your phone. It tracks all those little transactions when you’re out and about that can easily add up.

Keep track of all your receipts without the mess

how to scan a receiptOnline orders, receipts, tickets, restaurant bills and all those miscellaneous items of spending that soon get forgotten can be scanned into your phone for safe-keeping. Add the amount you spent, the date and a name and you’re well on your way to being spending savvy. To make it easier on the eye you can then crop the image and adjust for brightness and contrast.

Scanticket then sorts your receipts automatically into a number of different categories. Wondering how much those meals with friends cost last month ? The information is readily retrievable from the restaurant category. The same goes for your food spending, car bills, home and leisure. It even allows you to record how much you’re spending on all those treats for your pampered pet. Every area of your spending can easily be recorded and retrieved at leisure.

By having the categorized data easily at hand you can decide if you need to reduce your spending in some areas or whether you’ve got more money than you thought to enjoy some of life’s little pleasures. There’s something liberating about knowing precisely how much money you’ve got available and where it’s going. With the essential stuff taken care of you’ve got more time to do the things you enjoy.

Being so organised about your finances once took real dedication, with Scanticket Receipt Scanner for iPhone it’s a lot easier to feel in control. Now you can track your spending week by week, month by month.

If you’re self-employed, or need to keep track of your expenses for work claims then the app is the ideal tool. It can make life a lot easier for people whose lives are already pretty hectic and filled with competing demands. It’s easy to lose track of which spending is work related and which is not, a problem that the app easily solves.

It’s free to download and get started but with a Premium Subscription of $3.99 weekly or $19.99 for the year you get unlimited storage and can sync the app with all your devices.

The reviews speak for themselves with countless users talking about the ease of use and practicality of the app. If you’re worried about your spending or trying to work out where exactly all the money goes the Scanticket Document Scanner might be just what you need.