I’m Solar is a premier solar products company in Lithuania who are leading the way in production of top quality solar panels, inverters and batteries which are produced using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. The business has been established for 17 years and manufacture and assemble all products on site to ensure excellent quality control and continued high standards.

I’m Solar  ( https://im.solar ) is also an eco-manufacturing company committed to sustainability at every step of the manufacturing process. The company has extensive expertise in developing products in an eco-responsible manner that provide customers with solar products that decrease energy consumption and are not detrimental to the environment.

Customers can be secure in the knowledge that in purchasing our products they are also contributing to a greener environment by use of our sustainable goods that are manufactured in a truly eco-responsible process.

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, the factory where the solar panels are produced is also constructed of state of the art architecture that conserves energy and protects the environment.


To ensure I’m Solar retain consistently high standards in eco-manufacturing, the team of technicians at the company are developing an environmental management approach that covers recyclable products; clean energy; reduced carbon footprint and self consumption.


The expertise developed at I’m Solar mean that products are built for maximum performance and efficiency and are guaranteed with a manufacturer’s warranty. Solar panels are guaranteed for 12 years and for solar converters and solar batteries the warranty period is 10 years.


I’m Solar is keen to ensure that all products can be guaranteed as 100% European. The business also advocate the aims and vision of the European Union and have created jobs for highly professional staff from across the European zone.