How about renting a Porsche in France ?

Nothing says luxurious driving like a Porsche. It is the epitome of luxury sports cars and for good reason. With exquisite designs and precision mechanics, a Porsche is simply put, a work of genius. Sitting in a Porsche is a dream that just about every car enthusiasts has in their lifetime. The Luxury Club makes that possible with Porsche rental services in Paris. You can also get the services in Nice, Cannes, Geneva, Annecy and Monaco. If you are in these areas and wish to rent a Porsche, then the Luxury Club has the services you need.


rear end of a german sportscar with spoiler

Over the years, Porsche has presented different models that offer varying features to drivers. At the Luxury Club, you can find different models of the German machine that suit your requirements. From, Porsche Cayenne Turbo to the 911 45S Cabriolet to the Panamera, you can find the best models. If you have always wanted to try out different Porsche models, then you have the chance to do so. You can rent a 997 4S Targa one week and then get a Boxter S the next one.

We have five-seater Porsches like the Macan 5 that would be suitable for a small family. If you want to drive around Paris with your friends, then a five seater would be most appropriate. Rent a coupe, convertible or SUV, depending on the needs you have.

Wedding Rental

Wedding and porsche car

A Porsche is perfect to rent for your wedding. If you want an entry that will leave an impression on your wedding guests, then a Porsche is the way to fly. You can make your wedding as unforgettable as it should be by using a car rental service like Luxury Club that will offer everything you need. If you are planning a wedding in Paris, then a Porsche rental will come in handy. Take a look at the fleet of cars available and pick a favourite.

Chauffeured Services

Chauffeured services are an excellent option if you need a Porsche for a wedding or business. If you are in Paris for business and need to get around in comfort, then a chauffeured Porsche will more than accomplish that. The service is perfect if you are new in the city. You wouldn’t have to worry about navigating the streets. If you are on holiday, a chauffeured drive will let you admire the sights unencumbered. You can also get chauffeured services if you are going out to a formal event or a party. With a driver at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about how much you have to drink.

Properly Maintained Vehicles

When renting a Porsche from Luxury Club, you can count on impeccably maintained cars. One of the tips of renting a car right is to ensure that it is in good condition. Luxury Club guarantees that clients get services worth their money. You can expect to find an immaculate Porsche with everything you need. Keeping up with the maintenance of a car like Porsche is not easy or cheap, which is why renting will offer more value. You won’t have to agonise over servicing the car or cleaning it. If you need the car for an extended period, it helps to have it in the best possible condition.

Reasonable Rates

Not everyone can afford a luxury vehicle such as a Porsche. Renting one is the next best thing and with the reasonable rates at Luxury Club, you can afford to. Of course, some variables will determine the difference in prices. You have to consider elements such as the model, seating capacity, and mileage. You can browse the website and see the affordable rates for renting a Porsche.

Luxury Club makes it possible for you to rent a Porsche for different requirements. With the variety of cars available, you can be sure you will find something that suits your fancy. Always wanted to feel the power of a Porsche engine but can’t afford your own? Renting one will fulfill that dream.

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