Lodging in a luxury Chalet, the best choice for the winter holidays

Although some people’s wish is to escape the winter months in the cold season, others prefer opting for ski holidays, which is an outstanding choice with interesting benefits. Tumbling down ski runs, standing at the top of a snowy hill and making way down, the exhilarations of this activity are unique. Spending holidays amidst beautiful landscapes induces sense of well-being and even more but now, the question is where to stay during the vacation? The best answer is undoubtedly in a comfortable cottage where all the family can lodge together.

Where to find the perfect chalet?

In the USA, the best chalets can be found in the vicinity of the no less than 500 ski resorts of the country. The most well-known are located on the East and West coasts but some other interesting resorts with a lower altitude can also be found in the Midwest. There, handsome and comfortable chalets are waiting for vacationers. In Colorado, Aspen is the most popular ski destination with its four amazing mountains, restaurants, piste guide and, of course, its glamorous cottages. As far as ski trails are concerned, America really rivals Austria and Japan. The two countries also possess stunning ski resorts surrounded by beautiful chalets.

But anyway, France remains the world’s leading winter holiday destination. The country is home to the best ski resorts of the whole planet so it is obvious that the quality of its ski chalets is constantly improving to satisfy every visitor throughout the year. As evidence of that, they need only look at each of the proposals of Chalet for rent in Morzine France and all the proposals for lease in Alpes and Pyrennées. Every chalet is just breathtaking and fascinating. Let us not forget that renting a chalet is synonymous with autonomy, the tenants can come and go as they like.

Why opting for a chalet?

Regardless of the destination, which can be the USA, Canada, Europe or Asia, there are always different types of accommodation such as hotels, motels, villas or even igloos, but chalets remain the best option at all levels. It is obviously about mountain chalets that are specifically designed to provide a level of comfort, relaxation and convenience as high as some expensive starred hotels. The main difference can be seen on price, the quality-price ratio is the best in matter of holiday rental. A whole chalet is less expensive than a hotel room. It is, then, more than interesting for those who decide to travel with their family or friends. Unlike hotels where there can be a fixed-price per person, a cozy chalet only has one price that can be divided between all of the tenants.

A chalet also provides greater freedom during the vacation period. More spacious and well-equipped, it induces more intimacy and peace. The holidaymakers can enjoy their meal in the comfort of their own cottage as opposed to a common dining room of a restaurant. Most of the time, chalets are equipped with separated rooms, bathrooms, flat screen TV, a kitchen with dishwasher, oven and microwave, a dining table and a laundry room. Hence, there is no need to bring tons of suitcases because it is possible to do a wash load every time it is needed. Some of them even have swimming pool and spa. Chalets are often situated in wonderful settings amidst beautiful wilderness landscapes.


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