When you need to consult a French gynecologist…


If you’re an English woman living in France there may be times when you need to consult a French gynecologist. Maybe you’re pregnant or are experiencing menstrual problems.

Living in a foreign country and needing health care can prove stressful. As a UK citizen you’re entitled to free European health insurance during your stay in France.

This may help cover some of the costs involved in gynaecological treatment, though you’re strongly advised to take out private health insurance as well. With more health care becoming available online you’ll find many websites offering video consultations.

The benefit being, you’ll feel much more relaxed. If you’re not very fluent with the French language you’ll find a consultation over video or Skype will calm your nerves. Being in your own environment rather than the formal atmosphere of a clinic can make a huge difference.

Most gynaecologists are sympathetic towards nervous patients and will do their best to calm your fears. This is much easier face to face over video as you can relax on the sofa while talking.

Many advantages of a video consultation

One of the many advantages of a video consultation with a doctor is you can prepare all your questions in advance and have them written down in front of you. It’s all too easy to forget what you want to say in the formal environment of a clinic. This is especially if you find language a barrier.

As a French woman staying in the UK you could get urgent questions answered face to face via video. Imagine being able to ask a gynecologist’s advice in your own language!

This may also save you the need to visit a doctors surgery in many cases. If time is a big issue then booking a video appointment is a huge plus.

If you’re working or travelling, being able to consult with a French gynaecologist online is very convenient. Of course, there will be times when you’ll need to visit a clinic, but at least you’ll have many of your questions answered first.