Maison Sassy : Online store in french drinks

Maison sassy is the current unrivalled company priding itself in making the best cider in the world. Based in Normandy, it aims to preserve the original taste of the traditional French beverage. Focused on delivering the best cider, all their creations are made from a complex blend of cider apples found in Normandy. The secret recipe took years to perfect and is highly monitored for zero errors. Driven by their principals, Maison sassy is here providing the best to the customers. This article explains why Maison sassy excels in what they offer.

Top 5 Reasons why Maison Sassy is leading

Wide Variety to Choose from

Known for its greatness, the company offers a collection of different types of ciders. All the ciders are naturally produced, with no additives in them. Some of the commonly produced ciders include the following;

  • Cider brut
  • Poire
  • Cider rose
  • Cider organic
  • Cider small batch
  • Apple juice, etc.

The production process is derived from pears and apple extraction with no chemicals added to the drink. To the cocktail lovers, sassy has got you covered. It produces several professionally mixed cocktails in its bar, giving the best taste that a customer can enjoy.

Free Delivery

A great advantage comes along choosing Maison as your thirst quencher. The team of professionals ensures that you do not have to struggle to get one of your favourite drinks. Their packaging skills are of another lever. You can reach out to them through their website and place an order. Make the payment and provide an address. This is different from other poorly managed companies whose only interest is making profit. There are no cases where the customer’s goods were dispatched from the store and never made it to the destination, all this implying that Maison sassy is ready to serve you.

High-Quality Products

The main aim here is to preserve the natural heritage of the famous French beverage. Its products are 100% pure fruits with no water, sugar-free, gluten-free, and no colour additives. The drinks are also made with low calories for the health safety of the users. The best part about sassy is that it is crafted by the best craftsmen and not the machines.

Numerous Awards

Receiving awards has been a familiar tone to these production giants. Great work should have a unique identification. Maison sassy has managed this by winning plenty of awards since it was started. In 2020, they won the great taste UK award. Other awards include the best pear cider, best rose cider, vice best cider globally, amongst other world awards.


To be good at online providing, you must have a systematic payment method. Maison allows a few trusted methods as a form of payment. This has led to it winning the trust of many hence giving a large gap to their competitors.

Drinks have the power to give relief to the user. With the best manufacturers holding a secret recipe behind the taste in their drink, your job is simply identifying them. Maison sassy is undisputedly the best cider maker.