Paella 101

Paella is more popular than ever, and it has prompted foodies, amateur cooks and party throwers worldwide to want to prepare it at home. This most tasty dish originating from Valencia Spain, made with short grain rice, vegetables, seafood, Spanish chorizo, chicken, chicken stock, garlic, saffron and lemon, is an ideal meal to serve to a large group of friends or family, typically for party settings. However, it can be made in smaller batches, if necessary, for a few people and/or small families.

Paella pans, burners and equipment

Oftentimes, people are deterred from making paella because they feel overwhelmed believing it is too exorbitant an amount to invest in equipment required to making it. This is not necessarily true. If you have the desire to prepare it, you can make it happen by doing in-depth research on the internet to find the best values for paella pans, paella burners, and even the ingredients required to make paella. You will only limited by your lack of resourcefulness, strong will and persistence. So, hunker down, folks; you can do this!

Once you have all you need to make paella, that is, the paella burner, pan, fuel and requisite ingredients, what is the next step you’ll need to take? If you’ve never made paella before, it will be extremely helpful to search for a great paella recipe online or simply ask someone with cooking expertise to help you devise a perfect recipe. In order to make paella, it doesn’t require you to have an extensive amount of cooking experience, so you beginners out there, do not be discouraged! Paella is a dish that can be thrown together by beginners to experts alike. With a little TLC, elbow grease, a pan, a paella burner, a great recipe and a strong desire to succeed in your paella adventures, you’ll be well on your way to satisfying even the pickiest gastronome or paella connoisseur!


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