Where to Install Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. Its nature is such that it can easily cause death. To keep the home safe, it is important to install a carbon monoxide detector. This poison sometimes comes as a result of burning fuels that are necessary for use in the home. Some of these include coal in the furnace, it could be caused by gas in the laundry dryer. The fact that the gas is odorless makes it particularly deadly when people are asleep. An alarm may very well safe their lives by waking them up. It is little wonder that carbon monoxide is the single largest cause of accidental poisoning in developed countries. To effectively do its job, it has to be installed in strategic locations where it can detect the slightest whiff of monoxide. The following are factors to consider when determining where to locate a monoxide detector.

i. Number of levels

It is not enough to have a carbon monoxide detector only on the levels where burning of the fuels is done. There must be a detector in all levels including attics and basements. The reason for this is that being a gas, monoxide is able to seep from its source to other parts of the house.

ii. Position of the bedrooms

The real danger that monoxide possess is mostly at night when people are asleep. The real use of a detector is to wake inhabitants up when they are asleep. It is there therefore imperative for them to be positioned near the bedrooms that are regularly occupied in the house. The safest way it to have a smoke detector within 10 feet of each bedroom door. This means that the more bedrooms there are in the house, the more the smoke detectors there should be in the house. If there is a great shortage of funds the distance from bedrooms may be increased to 15 feet but no more than that.

iii. Position of the garage

This consideration is very important. One of the main sources of monoxide in vehicles. If the home has an attached garage, there should be a smoke detector at the door that is nearest the house. This is because if a car is left running in the garage, it is likely to cause an accumulation of monoxide that would eventually find its way to the house. Having a detector in the garage would then serve as an early warning sign. For more Safety,check this list list of surveillance cameras system :https://www.besafereviews.com/network-wi-fi-cameras/


To ensure that these signals are effective, it is important for them to be located at the right height. Carbon Monoxide is lighter than air, this means that it moves towards the ceiling. For this reason, positioning its detectors may look as a good idea. The problem with this is that monoxide is caused by combustion. This means that there is very likely to be heat coming with the gas. Heat creates a barrier near the ceiling. Such a heat barrier may prevent the gas from reaching the detectors rendering them useless. To solve this problem, the best location is on walls, about two feet below the ceiling.


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