7 good reasons to drink (and enjoy!) wine

Consumed with moderation, the wine is a source of surprising health benefits.

1. Wine is good for the Heart

One glass of wine each day is healthy for your heart. Red wine contains a powerful antioxidant that reduces the accumulation of fat in the arteries and improves cardiac function.

2. Wine is good for the lungs

Researchers at the University of Buffalo have recently demonstrated that drinking a glass of white wine from time to time improved lung function.

3. Wine reduces the risk of cataracts

Cataract is mostly linked to a genetic factor. But here is a good news to fight against this eye disease : the results of a study have highlighted the fact that red wine has a protective effect against cataract. Non-drinkers, such as heavy drinkers, show a significant increase in the risk of cataract development, while red wine soft drinkers have only half the risk.

4. Wine reduces cancer risk

Whether it is colon cancer, prostate cancer, or ovaries, the antioxidants contained in a glass of red wine have an anti-cancer action. For example, consuming one glass of wine every day reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by half, according to Australian researchers.

5. Wine makes bones stronger

According to a recent study, milk is not the only drink indicated for strong, healthy bones. For postmenopausal women, one or two glasses of wine per day helps preserve bone mass. Indeed, wine increases the production of estrogens, and thus reduces the risk of bone loss.

6. Wine reduces the risk of diabetes

Drinking moderately red wine allows to regulate the blood level sugar. Moderate drinkers have a probability of developing diabetes type 2, reduced by 30% compared to others.

7. Wine helps to make skin healthier

The antioxidants contained in the wine help to improve the overall appearance of the skin. A moderate consumption of red wine is indicated to reduce fine lines.

So before you choose a beer, a juice, or a soda water to accompany your lunch, take all this into consideration…

Source : www.lepetitballon.co.uk